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Anne Fox is an author, pilot, and firearms instructor in El Paso, Texas

More About Anne

Anne is an upcoming author who has been publishing since December of 2019. Having first published a paranormal (Gabriel‘s Call), she then began a series called The Unit about an undercover law enforcement team that takes on the tough cases other law enforcement agencies ask of them. The Unit begins with the introduction of a new member, Kathryn Hanko, who has been chosen to take the role of the unit’s sniper and firearms expert after the retirement of the previous Field Team agent who held that role. You will follow Kat as she becomes one with the unit, “dies”, and assumes her new identity as “Hank.”

Anne draws heavily from her own background to create the team and the technology they use, as well as her contacts with present and past people in law enforcement. Focusing more on the lives and interactions of the unit personnel and with a special emphasis on the Field Team members, she seeks to expose the often unrecognized world those in law enforcement inhabit.

With The Unit completed in early 2022, Anne then decided to pen two new series, both “spinoffs” from The Unit series. The first new series takes place in the near future, when the two children of The Unit‘s main characters, Spud and Hank, find themselves in the same clandestine law enforcement unit their parents served in. The Unit Gen 2 follows the unit’s covert law enforcement team as it moves 25 years into the future.

The second series, The Investigators, takes place just two years after The Unit ends when Dr. Sue Pratt, Ph.D., the unit’s crack forensic scientist, establishes a new, all-encompassing, national forensics laboratory. Called upon to assist in solving complicated cases, her laboratory must find the clues in the scenes and the evidence to solve the question, “Whodunit?”

When not writing, Anne enjoys a number of hobbies: everything from rockhounding to shooting in competitions to raising chickens. She has an “urban homestead” in El Paso, growing fruit trees and vines and cultivating a small garden in her backyard. Her pets, two Maine Coon cats named Sigwan (“Sig”) and Hebert, are featured in The Unit series when a practical joke perpetrated by Dr. Pratt results in the team’s underground residence area being infested with mice. She also has a small pond with goldfish in it nestled under two Mexican ash trees.

Anne takes to the road in a 22-foot camping trailer, both for when she goes to shooting competitions and when traveling for pleasure. She has visited, in some cases briefly, every state of the country with the exception of Oregon. (It’s on her bucket list.)

Like most authors, Anne is an avid reader, with an enormous collection of books in both print and ebook format. When traveling, she exchanges books she has read for ones she hasn’t at book exchanges she finds at RV campgrounds where she stays. She reviews everything she reads. Her reviews can be found on Goodreads, and her 5-star reviews can be found right on this website on the page entitled “Anne Recommends.”

Her website is constantly being added to and revised. She hopes each visit will be interesting. Do stop by often and stay in touch!

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