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Short answer: he tells me to. I tell him I’m the owner, he’s the cat. He laughs in my face. But find more here.

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Of course, I hope you love my books. Here, you’ll find books I love.

Coming Soon…

I have a great many books that I’ve read and will start offering here. Books in good to practically new condition. This link is currently inactive, so stop by on occasion for when it goes live.

Places of The Unit

Holy guacamole! Am I really standing on the lid of a nuclear missile silo? As I travel in mi casita, you never know where in The Unit books I’ll end up! Here’s a gallery of locations you might find them.

Star on the Mountain Books, LLC

Anne’s very own publishing company, offering services for other authors.

Anne Shoots, Too!

Where Anne talks about her exploits as a marksman (markswoman?)

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