Star on the Mountain Books

In 2019, Anne incorporated her own publishing company, Star not he Mountain Books LLC. The name and logo image refer to a prominent feature in her hometown of El Paso, Texas: a huge illuminated star installed on the southern end of the Franklin Mountains.

Here you see the star as it actually appears on the mountain.

The star has a bit of significance to her beyond its role within the community of highlighting different events. While training flight students during the time she had her own flight training outfit, she would often take students out to the west to a nearby airport to practice landings at night—a requirement for obtaining a pilot’s license. Unlike in the photo above, students were often greeted by a black sky and equally black mountains. In order to avoid hitting the mountains or the towers on the tops of them, she would always admonish students to keep the star to their right as they flew westward over the city of El Paso.

El Paso has not only this landmark to its fame. It’s also the only major metropolitan area that is divided by a mountain range: the Franklin Mountains. Most of the Franklin Mountains like within one of the largest parks located within a city as well: the Franklin Mountains State Park, comprised of 24,247 acres.

With these facts in mind, Anne sought to commemorate the city that is now her home by using a logo representative of its most prominent landmarks.

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